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In the construction business, clean air standards are getting more demanding, and Cobra Concrete Cutting is ready.


Our new 480 electric truck, welded to our specifications, is powered by a generator that could run a small city and cut bridges down. It's the tool you need for any cutting or coring job you have where fumes have to be controlled.

Both the federal government and the state of Florida have high standards for construction and workmanship. Take the worry out of your project by letting us apply our years of experience to ensure those standards are being met.


Call 727-576-0079 for more information, and get a FREE estimate from a member of our team.

Fully Equipped For Clean-Air Cutting

Meet standards with our new electric truck

"No fume" cutting for your project

Count on our experienced approach

  • Hospitals

  • Military bases

  • School gymnasiums

  • School cafeterias and more

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